Thursday, April 30, 2009

We had a wonderful trip down to Houston a few weeks ago to celebrate Eli's 4th birthday! Man time flies!!!!

Happy birthday to you Mr. midget pirate!

B is whacking to heck out of this pinata! I was a nervous wreck!! None of this gentle hitting so that everyone else could get a turn and the birthday boy finally being the one to bust it open. NO! He was giving it all he had!

The birthday booger. He hates to be called booger!

Cait is such a girl!!! I don't know if she ever made contact with that pinata!

This little pirate is a buddy of Eli's, but he's so stinkin cute that I couldn't resist posting his sweet face up here!

The whole gang of kiddos

Here I was making fun of my hubby because of his pouting that my phone has GPS and his does not (thank you baby for my new phone!!!). So, I made him one with his very own GPS. I added a compass to his phone!!! hee hee!

Fun times and fun memories!

Monday, April 27, 2009

New belts and snaggle-tooths

Benjamin tested this Friday night for his new level of belt in karate. He moved from a camo belt to a green belt. He was very excited, of course!

Here he is in his sparring gear saying "Do good sir," to his opponent. I hate this part of karate...seeing other kids kick and punch my son, and worse, seeing him hit and kick back!!!

It's all very controlled and done with respect. He very respectfully kicks booty, I must say! Whenever he knocks someone off their feet he always helps them up! AHHH!

Oh so proud!!!

Here is Cait this morning. This was her face when she saw that it was pouring down rain outside and we were about to get out in it!

But she gets over it pretty quickly. She's mostly smiling because the tooth fairy visited her last night for the FIRST time!!!

Paul pulled her itty bitty baby tooth and she put it under her pillow. She left $2.25, a pack of gum, some fairy dust all around the bed and table and she also dipped her wing in the water we left so we know that she is yellow. Isn't that amazing?

I hate this growing up stuff! Seriously, it's hard when it's your baby going through these milestones!!! Bluh!

At least we have none of those ginormous teeth yet! She still looks so little!