Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our BLACK BELT boy!!!

The big day was December 29. We'd been waiting for what seemed like forever! Benjamin tested in front of his instructors, peers, friends and family to earn hi black belt in Taekwondo. He did SO great! There was no question that he was ready!!

Here is B doing his form

Ending pose

Sparring time! Testing consists of three parts: form, sparring and board breaks. He did awesome on all three! For the first time B actually had to spar 2 on 1. So proud even though both kids were so much bigger than him! It's not kick and punch to hurt, it's kick and punch (almost taps if done with control) to earn points.

Bowing in for sparring. Kicks to the head are big points. All about defense and controlled power. They begin with a bow, hand shake, and "Do well sir."

Nothing in the world like watching your son kick another kid (especially a girl) in the head and watching them get kicked back! Just hard! He got knocked down once...well you can see how big the other kid is compared to him!!

First try palm board break! Got it!! Notice his mouth is open. They are encouraged to yell loudly when they kick or punch or hit. This is to release that power or strength inside of them. It's pretty cool. Control and power. Great qualities in a man! Can you tell I love Taekwondo??

First try kick! Success!! He also did an elbow board break that I missed a picture of. These are plastic "boards" that get more difficult the older the kid is. These are often more difficult to break than an actual wooden board.

He is EXHAUSTED!!! But happy!

The presentation of belts...saving the best for last...the BLACK belt!

And the applause!!! Well done, Benjamin!!

Sweet friends, the Atwoods, came to cheer Benjamin on and show him they love him! We love you guys!!

Proud mommy!!

B putting his moves on Dad!!

So proud!!

B was proud to have his daddy there too!

Mr. Sutherland, Benjamin's main instructor through this process. He's a 4th degree black belt. For each degree it takes that many years. It takes longer and longer to earn your promotions.

Following tradition of wearing your black belt to sleep in the night you earned it.

Benjamin, we're so proud of you! You did all the work to earn this accomplishment and that is a BIG deal! We pray that meeting this goal will have taught you perseverance, self-control, respect and even bravery. You're turning into a young man more and more everyday and we love what we see God doing in you! Congratulations, baby!