Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Date Night

For Father's Day this year the kids each gave Paul a date night with them. B got him a lego plane that Paul had his eye on. Paul LOVES doing legos with Benjamin and B loves the one on one time!

Here are the boys having a grand old time starting out their plane together.

There's lots of male talk happening during these sessions, so mom is usually not hanging around!

Cait needed a little dad time after B had so much this one night. She climbed up in his lap and cuddled with him for awhile. So sweet!

The next night it was Cait's turn. Oh, how she planned for her date with dad!!! She talked about her dress for days and planned exactly how she wanted her hair fixed.

Here she is dressed and ready to go with purse and all! Hey! A girl never knows when she may need some lip gloss!

Here's the finished hair. Whether or not it was what she wanted, I don't know. But I sure did try!

She acted pleased, so I was happy with that! Here they are getting ready to leave on their date. So CUTE!!!

Cait specifically told Paul that she wanted him to wear a tie OR the suit he wore in our wedding. Problem being, we rented that tux and Paul doesn't own a tie!!! Yes, I do love this man! So Paul dressed in his Sunday best (minus the coat because, is July) and he looked so sharp! He met with Cait's approval!

Dad and his girl on their way to Two Rows (her request, of course) to eat macaroni and cheese (her all time fav).

Benjamin and I went out to eat while Cait and dad were gone and this is what we came home to...

It doesn't get sweeter folks!!! Paul was playing "Pretty, Pretty Princess" with her. Guys...this requires wearing princess jewelry!! How sweet is he?

Pretty in pink!!!

Much to everyone's dismay, Paul was the prettiest princess at the end of that game as the winner! We all tried to be proud! How I love this man!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Benjamin has turned into quite the author and inventor!
We have enjoyed reading the books he's written, hearing the songs he's composed, and admiring the things he's created using recycling materials (yes trash). His creativity was truly sparked this year by the amazing teacher he had in first grade. She so encouraged their creativity and gave them a clean canvas to work on in all things. It was great to see his little mind grow this year!

I just had to share some of the sweetest and funniest things he's come up with...

A sweet song to the Lord that he wrote

One of the more hilarious! These are instructions on how to make things, according to Benjamin.

How to make milk:

How to make grape juice:

We cracked up at him for this telling him that he wrote "poot" instead of "put". When you "poot" it like that it has a whole different meaning!!!!

How to build a play house:

I love his phrase, "Then thar it is." Thar it is folks, our precious, creative boy!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Disney favorite

Our trip to Florida was an amazing one. So many memories. So many pictures. So many awesome family moments to cherish. I think my favorite souvenir that I took away was one that mom got for me. She had all the kids silhouettes done at Epcot.

There were these ultra-talented men and women who used a tiny pair of scissors to cut out our children's silhouettes. Amazing! And they did it in less than 5 minutes each. Shocking, I know!

Something I'll cherish for many years, I know. More pictures and stories from our trip to come...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Disney World, here we come!!!!

We're on our way tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM!! Thanks to all who gave us good tips, helpful websites and promise of prayers. It is a little nerve-racking taking 3 cars across 17 hours worth of the country and then back again. Pray for safe travel for us all.

We'll miss you!