Friday, May 21, 2010

Willy Wonka Day

After reading Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the second graders had a fun day of dress up and celebration!

Meet Mike...Mike Teavee. He watches too much TV!

Actually, here are all the Mike's!!!

Meet all the Willy Wonkas and golden tickets...

Other random characters that I don't know how to spell! Love the Oompa Loompa!

Candy shirt!!

That day they watched the movie (old classic one) and ate chocolate. I bought B a HUGE chocolate bar and made a golden ticket in there for him to find. I didn't know they were going to also have a chocolate fountain to dip all kind of things in! YUM! Wish I'd been invited!!

Super Soaker...third and last

Once again our kids got to soak the principal for their participation in sales of our school's raffle tickets. What a fun day for the kids and what a high price for dear Mr. Morris to pay!!!

The girls from Cait's class...not wet yet!

These pictures make me laugh! Cait is adorable in her new little swimsuit, but she's got this She-Ra pose going on. I can't help but giggle.

The inevitable scream as they run from Mr. M's sprays

Oh, this is fun!!!

What a good sport! We're gonna miss Mr. Morris!!!!

B's turn!

What a boy!!

B and his buddy Jackson

Oh, he's ready!!!

LOVE this picture...he's shooting and being shot at the same time!

Cherishing each and every one of the lasts...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Spring day at the park...does a soul good

What a GLORIOUS day at the park after school! We never get to do this, so when I had a day off I picked up the kids from school and we headed straight there! Glorious, gorgeous weather!

While the kids were playing I looked up and noticed that the hills all around the prk were covered in bluebonnets! Oh icing on my day!!!!!! I didn't think bluebonnet pictures would happen this year! Not thrilled about the uniforms and scraggly hair, but I will take what I can get. Hooray!!!

He's bringing me a flower...

After the bluebonnet pictures, some exploring and some skipping rocks we heard know, the sound that all children love...the ICE CREAM truck! How could the day get any more ideal!!

Popsicles for everyone!!

Oh my stars...the joy of my life! Look at these sweet faces! Aren't kids just the best?

Thank you Lord for my glorious afternoon with B and C. I will cherish it.

House Progress - Benjamin's Room

Okay, so this isn't the finished, finished product, but you can definitely see some progress here.

I saw a picture of a little boy's room on Design Dazzle blog and fell in love with the colors and concept. Navy blue, light blue and a touch of orange. Perfect for a Stars Wars themed room, right?

So you can see the steps...first painted the light blue walls, and dark blue wall, then the light blue stripes on the striped wall.

The measuring wasn't the fun part. No wall is perfect. No wall is the same. This was a little tricky, but my freaky math minded husband did all the math....see? We're a good team!

Obviously these were the rough edges, before cutting in, but you're getting the idea....

So, here's the more cleaned up version. Still not finished, because in these pics we don't have the tiny orange stripe up yet. Oh, you're gonna like the little orange stripe, trust me! Just a touch was all it needed.

Here's an example of how our children entertained themselves while we painted. Pretty creative huh?

This is not a paid ad. This is just a child who knows where mommy goes to get the good stuff!

Here's a more updated picture. This still is without the mattress and bedding...which is super ca-ute! Yay for some paint project finished!!!

Costco bunk beds and Craig's List dresser.

Man, I wish I could say this room was so easy to throw together. It WAS fun, but it was stressful and there were a few arguments along the way between two adults ( I won't mention any names) who are set in their ways and both think they know the best way to skin the cat. Well as it turns out, two heads were better than one and the process was hind sight. :-)

Can't wait to show you what this room looks like now! I just have to take pictures this weekend. YAY!!