Friday, March 12, 2010

A sneak peek

Here's just a little teaser from Taylor of the special day last weekend. Right now the newlyweds are laying on a beach in the Bahamas somewhere. Lucky! What sweet days.

As Paul told our children a few nights ago..."If God keeps answering our prayers the way He has, we're gonna run out of things to pray for." He is so good...and faithful...and perfect in His way and timing. Oh the joy of seeing His hand everywhere you look.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cowboy Party for our Buckaroo

Wow! What a party! Can you say horse in my backyard?
Oh yes, we did it. I don't know if you'd call it brave or stupid, but we did it and it was FUN!

I LOVE planning birthday parties for my children. It's just fun to me. I love the decorations, the favors, the cake made just for them...LOVE it! This year B requested a cowboy birthday party. How easy was that, with a grandpa that is a real cowboy and all? My dad planned all the games and brought a horse up to the suburbs of Dallas to teach a bunch of eight year-olds how to rope and ride. What fun!

The night before the party we stayed up late finishing up the details. I painted some cardboard fold outs to set out as decorations. Seeing as how it was late, Danyel, Ryan, Paul and I had a little goofy fun!! hee hee

Danyel got too sassy and I had to remind her who ran this here rodeo, as well as remind her that yellow is not her color (or mine).

Back to the party for the eight year old...we set it up nice and countrified just for our little buckaroo!

The cake I made. I made homemade fondant that actually tasted good!!! Don't look close's not anywhere close to perfect! Now i know why pretty cakes cost so much money! They take SO long to make!!!!

Haystacks, trail mix and chuck wagon,mmmm good!

Before all the guests arrived, we had a little family gift opening. Here's Mia watching B open presents. I couldn't resist this shot with the belly hanging out and all!

Every boy needs a toy rifle!

We were SO blessed to have so many people able to come this year, family and friends. B really wanted the buddies from his class to come, and so that is what we did. Friends from school, a few cousins, a few friends that are almost as close as cousins, and a sister. There you have it! A party!

After the crowd arrived, it was time for some games! The first one on the agenda was Gold rush! The kids rushed around looking for gum disguised as gold coins.

Getting the crowd excited...ready, set, GO!

Game #2 was a rely race where they rode their "horse" around the in a real rodeo. Except our rodeo had sad little stick horses with weird heads...but the kids didn't seem to be too bothered.

Game #3 was for the sharp shooters in the group. We lined up cans on the saw horses and let them shoot them off with water pistols. This was not for the faint of heart, seeing as it was about 30 degrees lie.

After this game it was time for some warming up on the inside! We enjoyed some chuck wagon chili with fritos! And to drink we had cactus juice, sarsaparilla and root beer.

Some kiddos were detained though...sad, so sad.

Then it was time for some ropin' demonstrations from a real live cowboy, aka. my dad.

Serious business here!

Riding time! For some of these kiddos it was their very first horse ride! How cool is that?


Sweetheart Rebekah

Mia Beth

The birthday boy

Now for some singing and cake!


Goody bags for our awesome friends!

We were all pooped after this party, but it was good clean fun for all! The birthday boy felt so special to have so many friends and family come to help him celebrate!

Yee Haw!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

He's Eight

Where does that time go? It never seems to stand still long enough to take it all in that you want to. My baby boy is eight. That's half-way to sixteen, which as I well know is practically grown. By then he'll have hair in his arm pits, a low voice and be taller than me. He'll be looking at girls not just as someone that chases him on the playground, but as a potential...well let's not get carried away. He's only eight right now, and at eight they still adore you and kiss your face and want you to sing to them at night and lay by them from time to time. When they're eight they still play with swords and legos and write stories where half the words are misspelled and the letters are large. The imaginary world of ninjas, cowboys, swords and heroes are what his play is made up of. He still thinks he can be multiple things at the same time when he grows up, like a scientist, inventor, ninja and daddy. Yes, he wants to be a daddy most of all. He tells us he wants to have lots of children when he finds a wife. He says that he will try washing their mouths out with soap when they sin instead of spanking them. He reasons that that method would be much more effective. He also says that he plans to never lie to his wife like his daddy lied to me. He prays at night that God would make him faithful to her and it breaks my heart and comforts me all at the same time.

Yes, he's only I still have more time. Time for kisses and tickles and karate demonstrations. More time to correct the spelling in his handwritten books and be the one to offer the comfort of a bandage after a bad fall. For now I can still get away with calling him my baby and singing the same lullabies to him at night that I began singing 8 years ago. What a delight he is...and continues to be.

He is eight.