Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow Week!

As I'm sure all of you know by now, we had some unusual weather the last couple of weeks around here! Tons of snow and some low, low temps for the DFW metroplex! We loved it though...being iced in, forced to stay in our pajamas, playing in the snow! Good times! Most all, I loved having Paul home. Although he was working, we got to have a lot more of him than on a normal week!

It actually got so cold here that half of our house's pipes froze for 4 days straight!! That would be the kitchen side, of course! We had to keep bringing big buckets full of hot water from the bathrooms to fill up the sink to wash dishes. I'd say, "John boy, please bring me some water from the well!" Yeah, that got old after about five minutes. I LOVE modern conveniences!! Don't you?

Here are some pics, for fun!

Wanted to eat some snow. Dad gave good advice. With Sophia out there, don't eat the yellow snow!


Trying to catch those snowflakes

Sophia plowing through. She looked like a big rodent out there. She hated the snow at first and then learned to love it so much we hated to let he out! She always came in covered in snow!!!