Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can you fathom being 90?

My sweet granny turned 90 years old on Saturday. We rejoice that God has blessed her with a long life. It was fun to get to be there for all the festivities!

Everyone met at Pappadeaux's for lunch and a celebration.

Ryan and Paul enjoying some oysters (bluh!)

Granny was a little droopy at first because she was so hungry. However, she perked up just fine and got with the swing of things!

Yes, we are STILL newlyweds!!!
FYI- we have officially known each other for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Sunday the one year anniversary of our first date. The best year of my life I can say, hands down!

Happy 90th to you! And many more!

B was informing us on the way to Houston that he would be 17 years old when granny turned 100. YIKES!!! I SO not ready for that!

Cait and Eli!!!!

B and the cousin he's so sweet on...Miss Mia

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, my love

Benjamin is seven. Words can't describe how inconceivable that seems. Time is flying faster and faster with each passing year. You always hear that, but how true it is.

The excitement began right before Christmas when B lost his front tooth. This was very big news for a 1st grader! What was doubly exciting was that Paul got to pull the tooth, which made them both very happy.

When we went down to Tomball to celebrate Christmas with my family we went out to a Mexican restaurant and we began the birthday celebration there. After dinner the waiters sang to B and put whipped cream on is face and a cherry on his nose. He thought that was hysterical!

Also exciting to B is that he promoted yet another belt in karate. He earned his camo belt. This is a big deal because at this point you have to make a commitment to becoming a black belt, which will take roughly 2 1/2 years. B was willing and excited about this goal for himself. He is also in a new group. He is a leader now and he also has to begin sparring. Yes, that means other children will be kicking, punching, and hi-yaing my little boy! After watching it though with another class, I realized that that's why we buy all the gear! To protect them. It's all good for them, done with respect and courtesy. We are very happy with karate for B!

This is the belt testing ceremony where he actually gets his belt. The old one is around his neck and the new one is tied on by the instructor.

Then MORE excitement! On New Year's Eve my parents came into town so that we could celebrate B's birthday the next day (New Year's baby!). That night Paul pulled B's other front tooth. MY dad tried to pull the tooth, but after a little bit of trying, B said he wanted his dad to pull it. So, Paul gladly pulled it right out! So sweet.

So here's toothless and his grinning sidekick!

The party request this year was outer space. This was fun! I didn't have much time this year to pull anything together, but what we did do was a blast!

Here's our solar system hanging from the ceiling and on the table in cake form!

Mom's idea to make more artsy looking beams coming out of the sun. Isn't she good?


Jupiter! I learned a lot (or was refreshed) on the different sizes on the planets and distances from the moon. So interesting. Jupiter's not blue, but I was going for color, not different shades of brown!

At the party the kids made aliens out of craft materials and played with moon sand. That stuff is cool! It's sand that can't get wet. Until you play with it, you wouldn't understand. When you put it under water it gets like a silicon shield around it and when you pull it out of the water it is immediately and completely dry. So strange!

Chris is helping Cait with her moon sand.

Present time! B got decked out in Cowboys gear this year. Paul is a huge Cowboys fan and has converted us all! He got a jersey, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a baseball cap.

Tyler thought present time was a blast!

Thank you Tyler!!! These two are crazy cousins!!

One silly thing we did is darken one of the kids' rooms and turn it into the moon. We bought a black light and covered all the furniture with white sheets. So, starting at the end of the hall we pretended to be in a rocket ship and take off to the moon. Here's Cait after blastoff and on her way to the moon.

Mia Beth chillin' and enjoying the party!

Happy Birthday to you!

Cait is so hungry that she wants to eat the planet Earth!

Eli eating a hunk of Jupiter!!!!

The gang!!

After the party that night we went to Babe's Chicken House. We love BABE'S!!! If you've never eaten there, you are healthier than us, but not as happy, I can assure you!!!

Here they sang to B with a chicken on his head. Very Babe style!

Happy Birthday, my love. I don't even want to entertain the idea of how you will grow and change this year. You are such a joy to us and we adore you! You are a light to our home and our lives. We love you buddy, booger boy, bug, B!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The beginning of new family traditions

We decided to start some new traditions this year, as it is our first Christmas together. Some were borrowed traditions and some were new.
Like this one. We borrowed this family tradition from another family at church, the Cooks. We made a fondue spread, which the kids could not have thought was more cool. We enjoyed all kinds of goodies dipped in cheese!!! Mmmmm...

Then, we gave the kids a new stocking and ornament. We bought stockings for all of us, including one extra just in case there ever is a need for one. :-)

Cait got a kitty because she adores them and B got a surfer frog.

We let Dad hang the first ornament and the star seeing as how it was his first Christmas with us (this was B's idea).

Cait set up and re-set up the nativity. She constantly tweaked it throughout the Christmas season. It had to be perfect!

The finished tree.

Sweet sight

Hot chocolate by the fire!


We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year! Mom, dad, Danyel, Ryan, the kids, Bill, Kristi, Tyler and Jimmy all came to our house this year to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was such a blessing to have the two families together!

The GIRL table!!!

And then the BOYS!!!

And what holiday would be complete without a Peanuts special?

Slowly but surely I will catch up and document all this fun stuff that has happened since I've been married! It may take some time, but I'll get there!