Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Spring day at the park...does a soul good

What a GLORIOUS day at the park after school! We never get to do this, so when I had a day off I picked up the kids from school and we headed straight there! Glorious, gorgeous weather!

While the kids were playing I looked up and noticed that the hills all around the prk were covered in bluebonnets! Oh icing on my day!!!!!! I didn't think bluebonnet pictures would happen this year! Not thrilled about the uniforms and scraggly hair, but I will take what I can get. Hooray!!!

He's bringing me a flower...

After the bluebonnet pictures, some exploring and some skipping rocks we heard it...you know, the sound that all children love...the ICE CREAM truck! How could the day get any more ideal!!

Popsicles for everyone!!

Oh my stars...the joy of my life! Look at these sweet faces! Aren't kids just the best?

Thank you Lord for my glorious afternoon with B and C. I will cherish it.

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Gabrielle said...

That is so good! And a good reminder too to enjoy the normal and special days with our beautiful children!