Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last day of school and tons of seriosuly hard good-byes

The last day of school held some really special moments. I cried ALL...THE ...WAY to school, but held it together the whole time that I was AT school. Those pesky tears kept trying to come, but I somehow held them at bay.

One of the first things on the agenda was an awards ceremony in 2nd grade, Mrs. Cook's class.

Each child was given an award based on a character quality that they specifically were characterized by. Even their peers helped to vote and come up with these.Benjamin was awarded the character quality of "obedience." What proud parents he has because of that!

B, we are SO proud of you! You are growing into a young man that loves the Lord and wants to obey Him. What more could we ask for than this? We love you buddy!!

Down the hall in my room, all havoc was breaking loose in my absence! No, not really, they were just having a little party to celebrate a BIG FAT success of a year!!!

It was a wild time, I tell you!

Oh these precious faces....if yo only knew...

Oh the love...


These two faces in particular I think will always stay with me. There's something about both of them that just makes you so certain that God has a hold of their life. They are beyond their years in wisdom and are just "old souls." Love them!

My BOYS!!!


Can't stand to think that I might not see them again! This class was something so special, there are just no words to describe. Even the moms...some will be forever friends!

Good-bye to TCA was hard, but I am so grateful for the next chapter. It's gonna be so good too! My cup runeth over!

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Gabrielle said...

I'm sure you will always have a place in these kids hearts. I can only imaging what a neat year it was for them with you as their teacher!