Friday, December 10, 2010


I KNOW!!! It's January and I'm posting about Thanksgiving!! How could I just let it go by without documenting though, huh? Bear with me!!

So....very much to be thankful for this year!! WOW! See all these sweet friends? Well, they're all new friends since April. THAT'S something to really be thankful for! As home schoolers we have to plan our own parties and get togethers and group science experiments, etc! So, we got together for a Fall/Thankful Party and what fun it was!! We started things out with a pumpkin experiment. See the pumpkin guts and neat chart? That's science y'all!!!

In the background you can see our pilgrim hats that were kind of a runny flop. Kids didn't care!!!

We had a cute craft planned...making little Pottery Barn knock-off boats for Thanksgiving table. SO didn't happen! Baseball with buddies is WAY more fun that felt and glue!

Lastly we convinced them to come inside for a little Peanuts Thanksgiving movie. Sweet!

The real Thanksgiving Day was a few days later and we had family at our house this year which was super fun! This was our kid-friendly appetizer!! Gobble, gobble!

The kid table had butcher paper for drawing and they had a menu check-off list to keep track of what they had left to eat. We also had Thanksgiving trivia. Fun times!

So thankful for so many things! God is good. None of the family and or things we have would mean a thing though if it weren't in light of the gospel that gives us life and peace. Thank you for Jesus! Thank you for the cross! Thank you for victory over sin and for loving and saving a wretch like me!

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