Thursday, March 31, 2011

A BIG change...and I mean BIG!!!

I couldn't WAIT to spill the beans!!

Somewhere near October 17th we are expecting baby Lewis to join our family!!!


We are so excited and already buzzing about names, and baby furniture and time off of work for Paul...and how in the world I will teach Benjamin and Cait in the middle of having a newborn! I guess that's the beauty of home school, you start school early so you can have a nice long fall break!

Sweet news to go along sister is pregnant also! She is due 3 weeks before me! YAY! We've never been pregnant together so this has been fun already! My parents are just beside themselves with the blessings coming their way!!!

As many of you know, this last fall, Paul and I were expecting a baby for June 2, 2011. Sadly, that pregnancy seemed to be a blighted ovum, which is where conception occurs, but the egg or possibly sperm is a blank. No baby ever forms. It was not fun feeling so very sick and pregnant know ALL the joys of the first trimester, but there was no baby. My body never seemed to figure it out. So in November, right before Thanksgiving I had a D and C procedure. I went all the way to 12 weeks like that. Stink!

But through that trial, God had a plan (doesn't He ALWAYS?????). See, I came from Dallas, where I had an AMAZING group of girl friends. I mean, seriously...phenomenal friends who love Jesus so passionately! It was SO hard to leave them (not that we're not still dear friends, but distance is no fun!) However, God brought Paul and me and the kids to City View, our new and totally awesome church in Fort Worth. We love that body of believers and are SO VERY, very thankful for them! The strange thing is, in the fall when I was going through this miscarriage, I had made a handful of new friends at City View. Precious women who ALSO love Jesus passionately! See I'm pretty smart in that I like to pick friends that I want to be like! You become who you hang around with, right? Anyway, these sweet new friends walked so closely with me through this trial of our miscarriage. And by the total sweetness of God ...every single one of those girls could relate to my loss. Everyone of them had either lost a baby by miscarriage, twins by miscarriage, had infertility issues for years, had a blighted ovum just like me, or even worse, lost a child. Each and everyone of them could pray for me from a place of understanding that someone who hadn't been there could not do. And all my sweet, precious, lifelong friends from Dallas...although they prayed and cared for me...not one of them had ever struggled to get pregnant or ever lost a baby. CRAZY!

God had lovingly placed me where I was supposed to be to go through that trial. I love the way He does that! Never could a human have orchestrated that!'s a picture of our little dumpling! Can't wait to meet him or her!! And as always...ALL glory to GOD!

P.S. We had our 12 week check up today and heard that sweet little heartbeat (after 5 solid minutes of her trying to find it but couldn't...a little stressful, but doubly joyful when we did hear it!). Benjamin and Cait got to hear it too. Fun day. Thank you, Lord!


mary said...

That is so awesome!! Big congrats!! I'm so happy for you guys and I'm proof you can homeschool with little people around. Just wait till your sweet little one is 3 and trying to do math with your 8 year old.:)

Much love,

Megan said...

Congrats on the pregnancy!

ann clary said...

Oh Tamra, I am so very happy for you!! I did not know of your loss, but I'm so grateful you could see God's hand in it and that He has brought you to a place where you are loved and deeply cared for. I will pray that ll will go well with you. Please post updates as your pregnancy progresses. Are you going to find out if baby is a boy or a girl? Or will you wait to find out on baby's birth day? (So so so excited!!!!!)

Kimberly said...

Congratulations Tamra! What an incredible blessing. I'm so happy for you guys.

Debra in Houston said...

Congrats on the newest little blessing!!

naomi said...

aah . . . good, good news! praising God with you my friend!

me said...

so excited for you! can't wait for updates!

me said...

umm, that was me, Gab..sorry, I've changed my picture and id a bit!

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Jess Richey said...

Congrats! So happy for you and your family!