Monday, June 13, 2011

And we're having a....


YAY, we're so excited and feel so blessed! "Is this real?" We keep asking ourselves and each other that question. Is this really happening? Will there really be a baby girl coming into this world to join our family in October? Crazy to think, but it appears to be true! It becomes increasingly real with every kick and wiggle I feel. It becomes more obvious to us and others as my belly grows more and more. It's really happening.

The kids are super excited and have been oowing and awing over every little sock and outfit that comes through the wash or has been given to us (yes, GiGi has already started buying, of course!). My sister saved all of Mia and Cait's clothes that survived their babyhood and now has passed them to us for a little more use. Sweet pulling out those old things and remembering that my big, almost-eight-year-old, used to wear these little shoes and dresses and bows. Seems so long ago now. Grateful that I will get to relive those days (albeit tired days) with another little one, all the while telling Cait and B stories of when I used to hold them or love on them in the exact same way. So grateful today thinking of that time restored to me.

We've decided on a name for our sweetness, but we're not brave enough to say it out loud to others yet. We've been trying it out at home and with each other to see what kind of ring it has. We're set, I think. It's the name we talked about before there were even rings on our fingers, the name we both loved. We tried to think of different ones and outside the box. We did, but it always came back to the one name we both loved. Sweet and simple. We'll share soon as we're brave enough!

Sorry for the long stint between posts. This blog has become of lower priority this year than ever and I'm okay with that. I do have a bunch of things to post to get caught up...before my memory fails me, but they'll be brief and mostly pictures. So stay tuned!

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