Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can you fathom being 90?

My sweet granny turned 90 years old on Saturday. We rejoice that God has blessed her with a long life. It was fun to get to be there for all the festivities!

Everyone met at Pappadeaux's for lunch and a celebration.

Ryan and Paul enjoying some oysters (bluh!)

Granny was a little droopy at first because she was so hungry. However, she perked up just fine and got with the swing of things!

Yes, we are STILL newlyweds!!!
FYI- we have officially known each other for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Sunday the one year anniversary of our first date. The best year of my life I can say, hands down!

Happy 90th to you! And many more!

B was informing us on the way to Houston that he would be 17 years old when granny turned 100. YIKES!!! I SO not ready for that!

Cait and Eli!!!!

B and the cousin he's so sweet on...Miss Mia

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Gabrielle said...

If I live to be 90, I hope I'm that cute!