Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go Trojans!! (and Cait!)

Our little girl participated in a summer cheerleading camp with the TCA varsity cheerleaders. She had a blast!!! Then, last week they let the little girls cheer at the lower school pep rally. It was packed with proud parents who came to see their daughter cheer. So sweet!!

Go, go Trojans! Go, go, go Trojans!!

I say blue, you say white!

To start off the festivities the drum line lined up outside my classroom and marched through the halls. All the classes followed them in parade style to the gym.

The fourth graders were just a little excited!

Here's B coming in with his class.

This is Rod Morris, my boss, the lower school head. He always leads the pep rallies and calls the games. He is earned the name, "The voice of Trinity"!

Love this picture. Well, it WAS loud!

Sweet girly!

After a VERY sweet cheer for the Trojans, our friend Steve Hayes, who is the varsity football coach, got us all pumped about the game. We are currently #1!!!

Go get 'em Trojans!!!

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Sheila said...

So cool! I can't believe Mr. Morris is still there!!! Are you enjoying good ole TCA? I want to check out the high school again but haven't made it over there.