Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lake house last time

The summer is on its way out...but I thought I'd post a few end of the lake house season pics. Fun times as usual.
We had a new addition to our usual fun this time though...a water trampoline! It was a blast!!

Getting cocky and ditching the life vest!!

Don't you just want to eat her with a spoon??? She's a dumpling, I tell you!

Sue and mom loving on Luke. Love hurts in this family, Luke!

Momma and her girl

Paul plays with the kids unlike any dad I know! They love him for that!

The annual pic we take of the kids had to change this year. We used to sit them on the bullet on the porch, but at the end of last summer it died. So we transitioned to the jet ski. Look how big they are!!!!

Last year's photo

This year

Summer is over...but next some fall. And you all know how much I love the fall!!

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