Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Girl's 8th Birthday Celebration

The day started out great with the baking of the cake!  Cait LOVES to help in the kitchen and loves licking the spoon too!  Her request was chocolate cake (of course) and vanilla icing (pink).  She also picked out the three meals of the day.
Breakfast:  pancakes, mini ones
Lunch:  macaroni and cheese (of course!  Her all time favorite food that she would eat for every meal if we let her)
Dinner:  Chicken penne pasta, green beans and bread

Mmmm good!!!

This day was all about preparation for the big day!  We went shopping and I let Cait pick out an outfit, we went to lunch at Chick-fil-a....

And then we went to Sweet and Sassy where she got her ears pierced!!!!  Here's the before.  She was SO brave!!

AFTER!!  You can't really see then but she picked out little pink studs and they look adorable.

Next she got her nails painted....

Her hair fixed....

And a glittery face.  So lovely!!

Lastly, we picked up her friend Lilly and brought her home with us for a birthday celebration.  Cait's dinner of choice, by candlelight and apple juice in fancy glasses, with cake, presents and a movie to follow.

Birthday dinner!!
The big 8 year old!!
Here's the little cake I made and the napkins and plates Cait picked out.
The cake was sweet and yummy, but it was so hot that by the time got home form the movie, the top layer had slid off and was laying on the counter!!!
Present time....

Sweet buds!

New jump rope that she had to try out

This is the sweet little outfit Cait picked out at J.C. Penny.  I thought she did great!

Happy birthday to you!

Here's B and Paul fighting over Cait's new ball. 

Dad wins every time!!!!!!

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