Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Day of School 2011-2012

The FIRST day of school!!!  We had a great first week of home schooling this week!  This is our second year to teach the kids at home and we are still loving it!  I think I'm mostly excited about our curriculum this year and what the kids and I will be learning about together!  We studying countries and cultures from all over the world!  Fun, fun!  This will include geography, land forms, animal habitats, ecosystems and the animals that live there.  We'll also be studying each continent by learning about their dress, cultures, beliefs and just their way of life.  This will mean lots of fun costumes and ethnic cooking for us this year.  The very best part of it all though is that we will be studying the different missionaries for past and present to these different countries.  I'm excited for our kids to get to learn about God's big world and how beautifully diverse He made it!

Here is the table set for our first day of school breakfast.

Homemade donuts for breakfast...yum!!!  Not exactly brain food, but the first day of school is supposed to be fun, right?  Not too strenuous YET!!!!  HA!!

Cait on the first day of 3rd grade  (actually 2nd/3rd grade transition year)

 Benjamin on the first day of 4th grade (oops, the eyes are closed!!!)

That night after our first day we had a fun dinner and a special rice crispy cake to celebrate a new year!  We're so excited!!  Pray for us if we come to mind, because we could always use it!  Hope you have a great year too!

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Hyphen Interiors said...

Thanks for entering the giveaway. The bathroom design plan sounds awesome! I love Peacock blue. Loved seeing your photos - you went all out for the first day! Such cute place settings and I know the kids must have thought you were too cool when they saw the donuts!