Monday, March 2, 2009

My Valentine's

This year at Valentine's Day was especially special! The last three years Valentine's Day has been all about my ONLY sweethearts. This year I celebrated them,but of course we all had someone else to add to that celebration. The day started with a special breakfast from mom and sugared everyone up thoroughly!!!

Our day to celebrate was actually Friday, because Christ had the kids on Valentine's Day. I made the kids special lunches and put love notes in as well. Paul and I planned to stay away from the crowds and celebrate at home. We cooked a delicious meal together on Saturday night after a really special day together. What could have been so very devastating was actually a celebration for us. My dear, dear friend and mentor, Judy Brunson went to be with the Lord on Wednesday of that week. We buried her on Valentine's Day. It was bitter sweet, but mostly sweet knowing that God had so crowned her with a grace and beauty that only comes from Him. Her life was used in such a way that you can't help but praise God for it and give glory to Him, instead of her. That's what she would have wanted anyway.

After the service Paul and I shopped and had lunch together, and ultimately came home to cook our meal. It was a wonderful day and I hope one of many, many Valentine's spent with my sweetheart in this lifetime. But after witnessing the life and death of Mrs. Judy, there is even hope in death and the after time when those special days on earth have ceased. This is because I know that my sweetheart and I will one day be with Jesus. What better celebration is there?

Don't you long for heaven some days? Don't you long to be with Him and free of the burden of this life? I envy Mrs. Judy and the fact that she is free from sickness, free from sin, free of burden. She is worshiping the King while in His presence.

One day.

But until then....

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