Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Day of School

Well, I've become very much engrossed with Facebook. It's such the quick and dirty way of catching up with people and getting a little connection with the outside world. I can spend like 5 minutes on there and be completely satisfied. I can post one sentence updates and be done. I love it. However, since my scrapbooking days are behind me (not because I chose for it to be, but it obviously is considering I haven't touched it since I met Paul (year and a half ago). So....this is my documentation of life instead, my blog.!!!

So, we had a great first day. I feel like a veteran now with it being my third year there. Benjamin is now upstairs with me...and does he have an amazing teacher!!! Our sweet friend, Mrs. Cook! Double Hooray from us all!!! Cait is just below me, right down the stairs. I feel like I have all my little chicks very close to me. I love it!!

Here are some pictures from our first day...

Cool new backpacks

They really are buddies ya know!

#19 finding his cubby. A big kid backpack too!

Oh the blessing!!! There are no words! He tells us everyday (just in case we forgot) that Mrs. Cook is the best teacher in the world!! It's going to be a great year!!

Cait baby with her teacher Miss Wyatt. She is spontaneous and fun and the perfect teacher for little girl!

God is so good to give us Trinity. We trust that he has placed our kids right where He wanted them this year. We also trust that He gave me just the kiddos that I was supposed to teach this year! I feel blessed. I have a brand new teaching assistant named Brandie. She is a complete gift from God!! There is such hope for a great year...for all of us!

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Jennifer Bacak said...

These pics make me want to come to Trinity. So sweet!
It's great seeing your kids as they grow. When can we possibly see each other again? I hope soon!