Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am forcing myself to go back to where I left off. Yes, to the very beginning. It's a very good place to start. When you read... never mind. Back on track.

I have had a world of computer issues which has completely handicapped my ability to blog. I hate it!!! So many wonderful things are happening and I feel like I'm not documenting!!! I am determined to turn this blog into a photo book of sorts one day and skip the whole scrapbooking thing. At least that's the way I feel in this busy, busy, ever so busy stage of life right now. Aaaaaanyways, I wanted to write about our Christmas. It was so wonderful, so picturesque. I get all misty-eyed just thinking about it. The kids spent time with Chris before Christmas this year and they returned to us on Christmas Eve. We had been awaiting their return, as ALL day Christmas Eve is snowed as if we were having a blizzard. That's right, a Texas blizzard! Sure enough, it was all we had hoped it would be.

Picture this...

Christmas morning waking up to a blanket of snow covering the ground in all directions, a yummy breakfast baking in the oven, a fire in the fire place, and everyone you love the most right there with you (in matching Disney pj's by the way). We finished our Advent calendar, placing baby Jesus in the manger, sang carols, drank cocoa and ended it all with playing in the snow and building a snow man. I thanked God again and again for that very special Christmas Day.

The kids seemed to have grown up so very much since last Christmas. Last Christmas they were wanting toys. This year Cait got clothes and pink boots that lit up her world, a pretty scarf, gloves and hat, and a robe. B got models to be built, tools and a tool box, a book for real boys (HAVE to check this out if you have a boy or know a boy!! MUST watch video promo), legos, etc. They seemed so grown up. That part was bittersweet. But then there was there's the clincher that just tops the whole day off, the part that makes my cup overflow. Thank you Lord!

Here are some fun pictures from our morning

B's face when he saw his very own toolbox. Our attempt to appease his need for building and creating.

Both of the kids made ornaments for us at school. Priceless

Growing into a little man who loves to create!

Her face when she saw her pink boots :-)

Continuing my Pez collection from college and love of musicals...through my daughter!

Looking at the Dangerous Boy Book

Snow angels


It was probably the most memorable Christmas I've ever had, so very special to have my husband and children at home, all together on a cold, snowy Christmas morning. God does give us good gifts, doesn't He?

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Gabrielle said...

your kiddos will never forget the "one" time they had a white Christmas!