Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Christmas...with the Fam

This post is so late...couldn't ever seem to get it done! I'm posting, you can't stop me...even if it is February!!

Christmas afternoon we spent with Paul's family. It was a Mexican style Christmas with tamales, tacos, salsas, etc. It was yummy!! No pictures from that night...bummer! Christmas night we drove to Tomball to be with my family and celebrate. Fun times as usual awaited us. We actually got to see all the relatives on both sides of my family this year. That was a treat.

Oh the excitement before that first gift is opened!!!

Dad opening one of many Academy gift cards

Danyel was REALLY excited about this gift!! This so gives you a REAL picture of our family!

Okay, now more serious

Mia is a present opening expert this year! Excited!

We gave her clothes to start ballet and the cutest little bun holder I've ever seen!

Benjamin got lots of cool stuff for his future Star Wars room! A pillow that says, "In a galaxy far, far, away....."

Paul got a Nuvi (navigation system) and oh, was he excited! I call it the "other woman" in his life because this woman's voice is always talking to him now when we're driving and telling him what to do. I made him change it to a squirrel's voice. The kids like it better too!

Eli Bryce

I screamed over this gift because it was a movie I used to love growing up, called "What's up Doc?" with Barbara Streisand. Mom did good!

Mom had these sketches done of Danyels' kids. Aren't they beautiful? Mom had these done for my kids years ago.

We gave mom and dad canvas prints of our families

The girls hiding their eyes while Gigi and Poppa bring out their last gift

Baby buggies!

She had made little blankets and baby diaper bags that matched, filled with all kinds of baby goodies. By far the highlight for our girlie girl!

B excited about stocking time!

Oh the things you can find...with a metal detector!!

Gigi makes all her grandbabies quilts and Eli got his this Christmas! Cute, huh?

It truly was a very merry Christmas!

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