Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They are stars!

At Trinity, where the kids go to school and I work, each class recognizes a student in that class for one special week in the year. It's your week. You bring the snack, you make a special poster. Your family comes to see you recognized and they share embarrassing stories about's a blast!

B and C both have been the Star Student in their class already this year (well Cait calls it the VIP, which we all know means Very Important Princess). We learned some really interesting things about Cait in her interview in front of the class. Like, did you know that her favorite color is gold? Neither did we. We thought all this time it was pink. Also, did you know that Cait's favorite sport is soccer? Neither did we!!! Not that she's ever played soccer or anything...we just assumed it was ballet because she has been taking it for 3 years or maybe football because we watch a lot of that at our house...but nope, we were wrong. Also, she shared that her favorite movie was...oh, I don't know. I can't remember, because it was a movie I'D NEVER SEEN!!!!! Paul and I sat there laughing because all this time we thought we knew our daughter and....well, we were wrong! She's a hoot!

Here's Cait sitting int he seat of honor while she is interviewed

Sharing her pictures of people in her life and of her when she was little.

Her teacher Miss Wyatt leading hte class in writing sweet things about Cait.

Now B on the other hand...totally predictable. His stories were just as we predicted they would be. Mrs. Cook made the share time very special. She talked about how she'd known him since he was 2 years old. I think the other kids actually thought that was cool. She led the class in blessing Benjamin, meaning they talked about lots of different character qualities that he had. Some of them were: He never gives up, he is a fast runner, he is always kind to me, he is energetic, he is a hard worker. He was beaming as they shared. To top it all off we have the blessing of Mrs. Cook being B's teacher. She is wonderful and what a blessing it has been to have her as B's teacher and my friend!

Sharing his poster with the class

Benjamin's family there to celebrate the class star for the week!

So there ya go...our children are stars!! :-)

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