Monday, August 9, 2010

Cait is SEVEN!!!

Those of us who are parents all have the same perplexing event happen to us. Our children grow up a little bit every year and it is both joyous and heartbreaking all at the same time. We're pleased to be there to see their growth, as they learn new things or meet classic milestones. But at the same time it pains us to see them change, to see their wings develop that much more, to see them grow one step closer to an adult and one step further away from that baby you loved at first sight years ago. Bitter and sweet. Joyous and full of aches.

Our baby girl turned seven. It seems so sad and sweet all at the same time. She is a delight. She is a joy. She lights up our lives and a room just by coming into it. She is sweet, loving and affectionate to her very core. She is so quick to forgive, especially her momma. She's the only one in the world to call me "momma," as her brother calls me mommy. Not sure how that even happened. She is an expert skirt twirler, jewelry accessorizer, eyelash batter, egg cracker, mess maker and smile inducer. She's our baby girl and we adore her and thank God for her!

We had a little birthday celebration for her this year. Her birthday was Friday, so we started it off by singing to her in her bed with her breakfast of choice...donuts! Next we went swimming with friends at church and they helped us celebrate. Our pastor's wife even made cupcakes for her and all the kiddos sang.

Next she put on her new birthday dress and dad took us all out for a birthday lunch at Pizza Inn (her choice).

From there we had a girlie day of a sweet new little haircut and mani's and pedi's at the salon. Fun times bonding with my girl! She ATE it up!!! She always begs for girlie days and for her birthday that's what she got!

Oh how I love having a GIRL!!!



Later that night her cousins, aunt D and uncle RyRy, GiGi and Poppa all came in for a big celebration. GiGi had a birthday the day before Cait and D had a birthday two days later. So...we had one big celebration for them all. We went to Cheesecake Factory and all ate until we were sick. Then, we ate cookie cake for dessert (always D's favorite)...of course after the sickness wore off. That's the way our family rolls!

Birthday girls

Birthday dessert after they sang to her

They misspelled her name, but that's okay!

After cookie cake we opened a few presents. This girl is queen of the facial expressions!!!

Love those little hands...

She's seven...sigh...

Finally!!! A GIRL wii game!!!!

A coffee mug I made for mom

The next day we had a little party with family and a few friends. Kitties were the theme and we had such a good time!

Cutest Kitty Cat Cousins you ever did see!!!


Her birthday party pretty

Her dad loves her so much

Her momma loves her much too!!


Mouse, mouse, cat (instead of duck, duck, goose)
This was FUN and so rowdy with BIG kids!!!

Next, D and RyRy taught us a game called "Cat and Mouse."
It's a chase game and yes, we played it in 125 degree temperature, but I'm pretty sure the kids didn't even notice.

D showing off her skills!!

Pin the tail on the kitten

Goofy Granpas!!!

Next on the agenda was sweets time! Cake and ice cream!!!!

Blake is such a sweet, sweet friend!!! And fun too!

They took the kitty bowls seriously! They licked up their ice cream!!! We were cracking up!!!

Cait is so blessed to have so many friends and family that love her! She had such a special birthday because of them!


Angela said...

Beautiful girl! Y'all know how to celebrate- I love a foretaste of Heaven here on earth:) I am so thankful for your family!

Kimberly said...

Looks like she (and everyone else) had a fantastic time. Happy 7th Birthday Cait!!! Ours turned six on the 10th. Her birthday party is on the 28th and it's a princess theme. Just bought all the party supplies last night.