Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Luau

Summer is wrapping up and I've been thinking a lot about the fun things we did this summer. One of my favorites ever summer is our annual luau. this is year #3 to host our little luau while my sister and kids are visiting. Next year we'll make sure Ryan can come too...k, RyRy?

YUMMY kabobs

Even yummier chicken wraps!!!! We also had cole slaw, hawaiian meatballs, rice and a yummy hawaiian cake.

After we ate it was game time!

Hula Hoop contest

Mendy think she's #1! She might have been had Lilly Jean not needed a hug in the middle of the contest!!!

Aunt D was the winner!!!

Coconut races

The kids invented their own game of coconut bowling. Pretty clever, I thought!

Delish pina coladas

Beautiful Hawaiian girl

This is a joke between us. B can't eat a strawberry without getting a little red mark on the sides of his mouth. Here he is sporting that strawberry mark.

Lilly Jean surfing on our decorative surf board. Can you see it under her feet?

Then we cracked open a coconut to have a taste. It was.....sooooo yucky!!!! Glad I let Paul taste it first! hee hee


LOVE this picture!

Kristi freaked me out with her bendiness. She was our champ!

Although, it does run in the family

Can't WAIT until next year!!!

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Kelly Marler said...

How fun!!! I love the idea! The pics are all so great! That is such a great family time tradition!!