Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This summer we've been so blessed to get some serious time with cousins. Cousins are like instant friends, ya know? Ya HAVE to love one another and you're guaranteed to see each other all your years growing up! Might as well make it fun, huh? Good thing we LOVE our cousins so stinking much around here!!

Here's some pictures for posterity

First...Eli and Mia came to visit for 5 days!!! Woo HOO!! How lucky are WE???

We tried to do some fun things, but took zero pictures. What's up with that? It wasn't until our last morning when we surprised the kids with a p.j. run to the donut shop that we remembered to take a few pictures.

THEN.....Tyler came to stay with us for 5 days! YAY! We had a blast!

A day at the creek trying to catch crawdads

Swimming pool

Library presentation from NASA...learning about gravity

Have you taken your kids to Cabella's? Such fun for cheap!!!

Shooting range where when they hit the target it gives a cool response

There's also a cool fish tank area where they can see massive fish, turtles and stuff. We also LOVE feeding the fish out in the middle pond area. i don't think anyone feeds them because they go crazy when a fish pellet is dropped in! You can buy a handful of these for 50 cents. Don't forget to check out the stuffed wildlife on both sides of the store. One side is exoctic and the other is native Texan. There are HUGE deer mounted there...record holders for US and Texas. Very interesting. Last but not least...don't forget to get some amazing fudge before you leave!!

(I am thinking Cabella's should pay me for volunteerily posting that last paragraph!!)

Lastly, we went to the OMNI to see the dinosaur movie. However, when we got there that movie we sold out. We saw Adrenaline Rush instead. It was interesting, but man...we all got motion sickness from it!!! Good times!

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