Saturday, October 15, 2011

School So Far

 We've been busy this year!  I can't believe we're already on week 10 of school!
This post is mostly going to be pics, but I wanted to highlight some of our fun year so far!
 Geography Fair
The kids got together with some of their other home school buddies and did an in depth study of a country of their choice.  This was a great learning experience for both of my kids and they really took a lot of initiative, which is encouraging to see.

Benjamin chose China.  He did a great job choosing books, reading al on his own and even taking great little notes.  He taught us all a lot about China.  Did you know that The Great Wall of China is the largest man made structure in the world?  Did you know that it's the only man made structure that can be seen from outer space?  Well B learned that and a lot more!

Here he is by his poster.  He is giving a chopstick lesson here to some buddies.
 Here's Cait standing by her poster.  She studied France.  She taught me a lot as well.  The first thing she taught me is that France is the fashion capital of the world...oh really??!!!  She would care about that fact!  HA!  She served up french bread to all her passersby.  We were originally going to make chocolate mousse but momma got a tummy bug the day before and we figured no one would want anything prepared at our house that week!

Here's Cait's sweet friend Lilly.  She presented Colombia.  Isn't she cute?

 All the kiddos did a GREAT job and they had a super time.  They got their passport stamped at each country they visited around the room and got to sample a food from each as well.

 Look how cute they all are!  Can't wait until next year when we can pick two new countries to dive into!

Another fun thing we got to do a few weeks back was go to a play.  We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.   friend of ours from small group was Mike TV in the play and he did a superb job!  The kids loved getting together there with lots of our home school buddies from church.

These pictures were taken with my phone and are terrible quality, but you get the idea.

 Because of that nasty tummy bug that landed this 38 pregnant woman in the hospital for the day our plan to make homemade egg rolls for B's China display had to fall by the waist side too.  We were all bummed about that!!  So after the sickness had passed and the house was thoroughly sanitized we went ahead and made those egg rolls.  YUMMY!

Studying the WORLD

As an intro to our studies around the world this year we studied the earth as a whole.  We learned about hemispheres and longitude/latitude, the continents and oceans and how to read maps, etc.
  Here the kids are each decorating a cake to reflect their given hemisphere.  One picked the east and one picked the west.  They did a great job and had a fun time too!


 Can't you tell this is the east?

Doesn't that look exactly like Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia?  Come on!
 And of course here's the west.  Florida is on steroids man!!

Studying Mexico!!  Ola!

The kids really enjoyed getting the first stamp in their passport when traveling to Mexico (virtually that is).  At the end of our week we had a fiesta to celebrate all we learned!

Here are the kids working on the first steps of the pinata.  They wanted to make a Sophie pinata.  A little morbid if you ask me, but whatever!

 These are our sad, sad homemade tortillas for the fiesta.  Yeah, I know you're really jealous, but they actually tasted pretty good for being so gross looking!
 Laurie and GiGi were visiting when we had our fiesta so that made it all the more fun!
 SOPHIE!!  The homemade pinata.

 Told ya, morbid!  I'm sure Sophie our dog was watching in horror from a safe place!
 CANDY!!!!!  And yes, of course I bought MY favorite candies!  Tootsie rolls and Three Musketeers!!

So that's our year so far.  We're having a great time!  After we studied North America for several weeks we've just moved into Brazil and South America.  We're excited about more stamps in the passport! 

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