Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Look What he Built!!!

My hubby is so amazing!!  Like, seriously amazing!  He has gone and done it again.  I shared with you awhile back the bookshelves he made for Cait's room and he has worked with me to refinish and repurpose lots of different pieces of furniture.  But this latest project might be my favorite (next to Molly's room which I'll share soon).

This is our home school room. 

Steps of progress so far:
1)  Bought farm table off Craig's list for $100 and painted the bottom a rustic red, distressed it and glazed over with antiquing stuff.
2)  Found 2 chairs in neighbor's trash that were, well, trashed.  Cat claw marks, no salvagable cushions...an utter mess.  A little sanding, wood putty, paint, new foam and cute material, and viola!  New chairs.
3)  Bought a desk and chair set off Craig's List for $70.  Painted the bottom part white, sanded and then stained over to give it that old look.  LOVE!!!!

4)  Built 2 HUGE bookshelves to fit the space we had to house all of our home school goodies.

5)  Paul thought up the idea to recreate a huge vintage ruler.  He even made a huge deal about it to the kids regarding what it said.  "The Royal Standard" being a reminder that God wants them to work with all their hearts as working for Him and not for men (or mom in most cases).  LOVE it!  LOVE him!

Still to be done...paint/stain some crates for more home school goodies to fill up bottom shelves. and frame in map on wall.  Also, add a few more globes just cause we want to!

Fun, huh? 

I have to keep a record here or I'll never appreciate all the work we've done and how far we've come in the year and half that we've lived here and been setting up house.  I'm tired just typing all this!!  HA!!  Thanks for letting me brag on my man a little!

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Kimberly said...

Great job Paul!!! I'm actually a little jealous that you have a room just for homeschooling in. LOL. I take it you still enjoy it?!