Thursday, October 20, 2011

Molly's Room

So these are the long awaited (for me) pictures of Molly's little room!!  YAY!  They are long awaited because we've been plugging away on little details for what seems like forever!  Truth be told, we're still working on a few things, but we are mostly done and she has a sweet little room waiting for her now!

 Here is her bed.  LOVE IT!  Had to be pink for our girl!  Paul is of course...AMAZING...and he built all this board and batten on the wall for a great effect.  He's got crazy cool skills like that!
 Here's her window where we splurged on some blackout curtains that will hopefully aid in the sleeping department very soon!  Yes, that's a little birdcage hanging in the corner with some branches and a little pink bird perched inside.

 The last feature to be added was this sweet chandelier.  It was back ordered when we sent off for it weeks and weeks ago.  Well, it finally came and now it's in place too!

 Here's a better look at it with the medallion on the ceiling.

 A few little surprises here and there...

Here's her little changing table/dresser.  We did this grouping of frames above that is clearly not finished yet.  Most if it requires her to be her REAL footprints and not the side of her momma's hand, trying to LOOK like footprints.  Also, the empty white frames are for pictures of this little baby girl.  They're sitting empty waiting for that!

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