Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easter baskets

We had kind of a gloomy Easter Day. The night before Cait started running a high fever. We knew that church was out and also going to see family that day was out. Paul's "grandmother" was having trouble with white blood cell count and we didn't want to risk her getting anything from us. It ended up being a cold that we all caught. So lovely.

None the less, we had church on the couch and preached the gospel to ourselves and our children that morning as we strive to do everyday. It was good. We also gave the kids some goodies and hid some eggs around the house. These eggs had their allowance in them. After getting all the money out then they just hid the eggs over and over and over again. They even made us hunt a few times.

Here they are getting their goodies...

Cait's long awaited jersey! Now we all have one!

My love...

Bolt, the movie!!!

Here is B so stinkin excited about a bag of chips that he'd been begging me to buy him. So funny! He looks angry here!! But he's in mid- "YES!!!!"

It's been such a joy to carry on our family traditions with Paul and also make many new ones along the way! We are so blessed!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Is that Benjamin's basket from when he was a baby? I remember his picture being taken in one. So fun!