Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Celebration

Okay, give me a break! I am aware that spring is almost over and summer is right around the corner! But I still have to blog about it for posterity sake!

We had a great weekend at the lake with my family. We traditionally celebrate spring with an egg hunt and other fun things. Here's the troop right before the hunt. From the left: Eli, B, Shelby (D and Ryan's niece. Joy's baby!), Cait, Luke (Joy's other baby) and Mia Beth

Cait showing off her empty basket

And they're off!

"Do I want this one?" Hmmmm... "Wish I had x-ray vision!"

Woo Hoo!

The bounty

Oh how she carefully opened each egg investigating its contents

"Oooooo...look at this one!"



Aunt D

The fam after the tornado force winds destroyed our hair efforts

Is there a more classic picture than a messy-haired little girl with her baby doll?
I wish you could have seen her bouncing her baby, walking it to comfort it, shushing it all the time, in perfect mommy rhythm.

B reading to his favorite baby girl. They adore one another!

Goof balls. That's all there is to say! Dick and my dad

More tradition...bunny cinnamon rolls. This is the making of them step by step, seeing as how they're so very tricky HA!

The happy, sweet bunny possessing kiddos!

One of our new family traditions is charades. We started playing with our kids at home and they crack us up! So, we thought we'd share the humor at the lake with the rest of the family. The funny part is that the kids come up with the clues. Let's just say that it takes a creative mind to figure out what they've written down!

Here's my dad doing a seal or something, not sure. One round he got a paper that said, "pope." He's thinking, okay, the pope. He gave a trooper's effort and we finally guessed it! Yay dad. Only problem was, I knew my kids had never heard of the pope. So we asked Cait what "pope" spelled. "Puppy, of course!!!" We all just rolled! Of course. A puppy. Great job though dad!

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