Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why after all these years?

Why after 33 years am I just now picking it up? Do I just want to be like the crowd? Have I caved into peer pressure? My momma taught me better than that!

Truly, I think it was out of necessity! I have drank coffee every morning for the last 11 mornings. Do I like coffee? NO, I still don't. However, with a spoonful of sugar (so Mary Poppins) and some Hazelnut creamer...LOTS of creamer, it's pretty darn good. It certainly helps me get moving when I was otherwise struggling. I find myself thinking, "This stuff would be a lot better minus the coffee." But everyday it's growing on me.

So thanks to all those of you who have pressures me to join the club. I'm in! And thanks to my mom who always assured me that I would "grow up one day and start drinking coffee."

I guess she was right!


Christi said...

So funny! Now I want to go have coffee with you! :) Miss you, friend!
I was thinking about you last night ... passing on some good books to a TN friend that my TX friends turned me on to!
Enjoy a cup of coffee for me!

Julie Marler said...

Guess I've never grown up......55 yrs old and still have never had a cup of coffee!! And I have tried too! Love the smell - hate the taste!!

The Sanders said...

That is so funny, I am right there with ya!!! I do the same thing!! Except I have a lot of different creamers that I like....I get a different on everytime I need more!! It is addictive! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Would you like a little coffee with your creamer? That is what Randall says to me when he watches me fix my coffee in the mornings... Some sugar and some Hazelnut creamer can make an awful tasting beverage divine!


Gabrielle said...

I didn't drink coffee until 2 summers ago when we lived with my parents who always have a fresh pot of coffee brewing...The key to a good cup of coffee: strong with lots of cream. Oh, and better than hazelnut creamer, hazelnut coffee..:)