Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Our Girl!!

Yesterday was Cait's 6th birthday, so I wanted to share some pictures with you! It was a fun day!

We call Cait sleeping beauty because she is just such! She is a beauty and she LOVES her sleep!!! I had to finally wake her about 9:30 so that she could start her day! Mindy Mayhew was visiting us, so it made it really special to have her with us celebrating!

We decided to take the kids to the Magic Time Machine for dinner. Cait dressed up as a princess and B dressed as a pirate. But before we went it was present time for Cait.

She had already gotten several cards in the mail with money inside (yipee) and a beautiful necklace and bracelet from her Aunt Kristi, which she insisted on wearing the minute she opened.

We gave her her first Bible and Bible cover. She was so proud and now is ready to be promoted to the Sunday School class where the kids bring their Bibles and read out of them...not just the teachers. She's pretty pumped!

Here's the feel like you step back into the 70's!

My hunky hubby!

The carousel where we ate our dinner. The salad bar is in an old car too. It's a fun restaurant to look at. Every table is different!

She loves her dad! He gets lots of love from her.

When the waitress asked if the kids would like a magic potion to drink, Cait went hysterical! Not kidding. She had just watched Snow White for the first time a week or so ago and she was probably thinking of THAT potion and who knows, but she was boo-hooing on my shoulder! We were cracking up laughing (or trying not to rather). B ordered that smoking potion and loved it! Cait passed with a chocolate milk instead. Hey! Everyone was happy now!

Paul with his own potion :-)

The Little mermaid came by for a picture with Cait

The waitstaff sang a very unconventional birthday song and gave her cookies and ice cream.

Mermaid, Woody and Laura Croft. She was our waitress, but our kids had no idea who she was...heck, we barely knew.

I love this part!

Happy now, even with all the potion trauma and the fact that she didn't like her dinner. Bummer of a birthday dinner, right? All is well once the ice cream comes though.

Jack Sparrow and B

The funniest picture of all was taken by a professional that night. Do you see something wrong with it? I just about can't look at it because it freaks me out so!

When we got home we raised the garage door to let Cait see her big gift.

She likes it!

A bike with no training wheels!!!

Okay, she looks so big on it!!!!

Happy birthday sweetheart!

About Cait:

loves kitty cats
wants to grow up to be a singer on the stage
sings so frequently that sometimes people ask her to stop (after 12 hours straight of singing the same song!!!)
loves all things princess
wants her mommy to wear dresses and heels all the time and wants to dad to wear a tie (of which he doesn't own) all the time as well
loves playing with her brother
is a messy eater!
favorite meal of all time is macaroni and cheese...she could eat it everyday and never tire
she kisses us constantly, we are always being loved on
she is very dramatic, especially when she gets hurt!
She loves The Sound of Music like her momma
She loves Two Rows restaurant (because of the macaroni)
She loves to swim, but holds er nose even just to put her head under water
She is a safe girl, rarely doing anything risky
She bites her tongue at LEAST once a day
She loves ballet and is very good at it! She has come a long way since the doctor recommended it for her legs.
She is about to be in first grade...sad! I struggle with whether she is ready.
Her smile could melt anyone's heart!!!
She is very complimentary
She likes to sing High School Musical songs
She is a determined reader
She has long eyelashes and big blue eyes
She has yellow hair (as she says it)
When she prays it is hard to keep a straight face!!!!
She is SO loved!!!


Danyel Lintelman said...

Okay, that picture is freaky! It looks like a couple of butches taking their strange looking kids out to dinner. Freaky!!! But loved all the other pics!

Happy Birthday sweet Cait!
We love you!!!!

HasseMomma said...

I have to agree with Danyel about the picture! yikes!
I loved the description you did of Cait at the end. Wish we were able to see you guys more often and know those things for ourselves.
Happy Belated Birthday, Cait!

Liz said...

That picture was seriously crazy. The first time through the post I hadn't read it and was just looking at the pictures and it made my head hurt.

I love the idea of rings in the cupcake. Cute!