Saturday, August 29, 2009

Medieval Times

As a special Back-to-School treat Paul and I took the kids to Medieval Times (or the castle restaurant as the kids call it). Our kiddos have been very interested in this place since we started taking the I-35 route to Houston. We pass it now going that way. I mean, what kid wouldn't be intrigued by a castle sitting right there on the side of the road?? Right?

It was a very impressive restaurant, very large inside and out.

Once you go inside you are assigned a section to eat in. We were assigned the green section and told to cheer for the green knight.

There was a whole scenario set up...there was trouble in the land....people were being oppressed, the prince was sent out to make things right...the princess didn't want him to go...the bad knight (the GREEN knight) was fighting for a different cause and there was trouble!!! Nut shell version. Very cheesy...blah, blah, blah!

Here's our valiant green knight, that ended up getting slayed in the end...cause well, he was the BAD guy!!

All the knights representing a section. There's the red section behind them.

The cheesy princess. Cait said while we were walking out that she wished I was playing the princess up there. HA!

Here we utensils!!!!


Lots of real jousting and sword fighting. You could see sparks fly when the swords clashed together. Awesome! The lowered chain guards in between them and the audiance for that part. I guess just in case a sword wnet flying!!

Fun night...sweet family...good times

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