Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday we hosted a little birthday party for Cait...well it was really a lot more like a playdate with cupcakes and ice cream! It was the most low key party ever! LOVED it!

Here are the girls in the floor playing with Cait's new paper dolls that she got for her birthday.

Our princess dressing her princess dolls!

Here's sweet Ashlyn! She's just one of those little girls that you want your child to be friends with, ya know??? So sweet and thoughtful and always kind!

Here are the girls decorating princess cookies to their liking

Long-time friend Anna, who is quite the little her momma

Cupcakes with diamond rings in them! Oh my!

The party crew!
Actually, the highlight of the party was when we were eating ice cream. I guess the ice cream was so hard that one of the girls' spoon broke. It went flying in the air and popped the balloon above her head! We all screamed! You can't buy that type of excitement, I tell you!

Pretty cookies taste better than plain ones, didn't you know?

Happy birthday dear Cait!

Happy chocolate face

Next the princesses decided to go jump on the trampoline...what fun!

Present time, present time, open the present and see what's inside!

Homemade cards are always the best!!

Fun party with sweet little friends! What can be better?


ann clary said...

Happy Birthday Cait!
So sorry we could not make it to your party. I hope you had a good time.

Truth (and her mama)

Amber Smith said...

I just caught up on your last two posts. That picture of your family at The Magic Time Machine made me laugh hysterically. I'm still laughing right now just thinking about it! :) Cait is a beautiful princess. I can't believe she is about to be a first grader! What a big girl. Wish her a happy birthday from Mary Alice and Major!


Amber Smith said...

We're STILL laughing! I pulled up the Magic Time Machine picture again to show the family. Major thinks that the picture of you looks like someone off of Guitar Hero. I had to share. :)

Kimberly said...

our kiddo has a smaller version of the princess set that cait is holding in the last photo. she loves it!!! i'm sure cait will too.