Sunday, June 28, 2009

Advice Please

Okay friends, I need your words of wisdom, your tips and any advice you'll give! We leave for Disney World (first time EVER in my life!!!) in 6 days! Yahoo! We are traveling with both of our families (please pray for us at this very moment!) There will be 14 of us caravaning together (if you didn't pray already, please pray now!!)

We've rented a GREAT 6 bedroom house with a pool that is 5 minutes from the park. Yes, we're excited! But seriously, if you've been and you'd like to share some tips with us, we'd so LOVE to hear your thoughts! Even if they are just about traveling for 4 days total int he car with a 5 and 7 year old. We'd love to hear those tips as well! We're pretty well prepared with car activities, I think, including the new DVD player for the car that Gigi and Poppa bought the kids (who are we kidding, it was for us too so we can have some adult conversations periodically). Yay about that!!!

So, send any thoughts our way. Gotta get packing now!!!


jamie said...

Call Angel. She's like a Disney Ninja -- goes at least once a year lately.

Anonymous said...

Check out this website - this lady did a series of posts called "30 Days of Disney" with tips on navigating Disney World. Some are on how to make it more fun and some are on how to do Disney on a budget.
Ruth Ellen (a friend of Mindy)

Familyoffoxes said...

I was going to suggest the same blog as above. I think you will find all her posts really helpful! Have fun!!! What a great time I know you will you have!!