Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spring Recital

Cait and mommy had been looking forward to this day for a long time! It's such a girlie thing! I looked forward to watching my little ballerina dance, and Cait looked forward to wearing make-up (sad, I know) and to all of us being there for her!

Here we are getting her hair fixed and make-up on for the BIG night!

Cait was to play a flower girl in the ballet Sleeping Beauty, put on by The Dance Institute. It is a christian ballet company that has a stellar reputation in the community. We LOVE it there!

Looking at the finished product

Sweet face...

Benjamin can always make a friend wherever we go and entertain himself!

Being silly eating her dinner!!! Chicken grin!

Mommy working on the lipstick

Sweet Libby Huffines with Cait. Cait just adores Libby and I'm so glad. She's the kind of young woman that you hope your daughter looks up to!

The dance...

Gigi with the girl

The committed gang to cheer on Cait! Both aunties (D and Kristi) wanted SO badly to be there but couldn't. We missed you!

I have the best story about Bill (Paul's dad)!!! There was a guest male dancer from Russia for the program, a wonderful dancer at that! But we all know what make dancers wear....tights!!! I know, it's a little difficult for all of us, because it doesn't leave much to the imagination!!! Well, when the dancer came out and made his first turn, with his backside towards us, you should've seen Bill's face! He was shocked! He kept saying, shaking his head, "Ummm....that's vulgar!!"

We've laughed so hard that I'm surprised they didn't escort the whole group out!!

My mom and dad are GREAT grandparents! They always drive up for the smallest thing and the biggest things to support their grandkids! No one could ask for more devotion!

My boys...

The jazz hands!!!!

For her tap routine she danced to a song called "Razzle Dazzle." She was so cute, but I got no good pictures of this dance!!!

One of her many sets of flowers

What a fun night for us and for Cait. She felt pretty special!! But don't worry! No beauty pageants in our future! This make-up stuff is just wrong for these little ones!!! No more make-up until next year's recital, even though Cait ate it up!


Danyel Lintelman said...

You looked beautiful Cait! I wish we could have been there! You make a wonderul ballerina! We love you sweet girl!

Nocona said...

Little girl stuff is so much fun! What a little beauty!

Shanna Gonzalez said...

Delightful. Of course you have read Angelina Ballerina?