Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fossil Rim

On Wednesday we took all the cousins to Fossil Rim in Glenrose, Texas. Here they all are at the entrance of the park. FYI- Wednesday is half price day if you're interested in making a trip of it.

It was a bright and HOT day!!!

We put down the third row and let the kids all pile in the back for the safari part of it.

Fossil Rim has lots of unusual animals that are mostly from Asia and Africa. The coolest part was seeing them so close up.

You drive the 9 and 1/2 mile trek through the park and feed the animals from your car as you go along.

These deer were beauties, with antlers more like a moose, but covered with velvet. Not sure if they will loose that velvet like white tail deer, or not.

Mia sat in the front with me for a lot of the trip. The air vent entertained her far more than the animals!

We learned something new about giraffes on this trip. Did you know that giraffes are snobs? Well, they are.

They would stand there, looking down their nose at you, you holding out food for them, saying nice things to them to coerce them to come over. But no! They would wait until they saw a car they liked (always the one right after us) and go right over to their car and eat right out of their hands. So rude!!!!!

But look how pretty they are!!!!

Half way through, there is an outlook point on top of this nice hill. You can go to a children's animal center, get snacks, go potty, etc.

This picture SO captures their personalities. Very telling!

The fam

Danyel and the kiddos. SO GLAD THEY CAME TO VISIT!!!
We always have so much fun!!!!!

There were signs everywhere saying NOT to feed the zebras from your hand. They BITE!!! So we were a little nervous about them sticking their noses in our car. Here Paul is bonding with one.

Gosh, they are gorgeous creatures!!!!

Yeah, they're buds now!

And here is my buddy!!! He is a type of deer, can't remember what though.

Now he's headed for our car on my side....

Yeah, he's hungry....

Now he's begging....

Yeah, Mr. 662 and I are bonding....

We got a rhythm down. He would stick his tongue out and wiggle it. I would lean back, squeel and place a pellet on his tongue. Yeah, Mr. 662 and I are real tight.

See, he even left me a present...some moose/deer drool.

Here are the kids taking turns feeding the animals.

We started placing the pellets on the window ledge and they would eat them off that way. It worked well except for the drool they left all over the inside and outside of the door. That was pretty gross.

This is hilarious!!!! Cait is watching the deer/moose thing eating the food off the car. She is amazed!

Then she decides that she's just mostly grossed out. She's a lot like her momma!!

Here's Mr. Snob. He stood 8 feet away from us at most and just looked at our handfuls of food as if it weren't good enough for him. Meany!

And wouldn't you know, the car in front of us had the same stinking food and he walked all the way over to eat theirs!!!! Whatever!

Even though the giraffes are snobby, we still HIGHLY recommend Fossil Rim for a day trip. Fun times for all and not that badly priced on half-price day.

So, go get you some deer/moose slobber and be sure to have your camera ready!

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