Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Field Day

I feel like I am playing catch up now that glorious summer is here!!! Four days of it so far and I am eating it up! So here are some fun pictures from the end of school activities. Field Day was a blast to watch and great for photo opps!

The ceremonies begin with every student letting go of their balloon simultaneously and watching it fill the sky with color.

Cait and her buddy!

Let the games begin!!

Cait is precious and completely enthusiastic about everything she does!!!

The long anticipated tug-of-war! B was determined to win after a sad defeat by the girls in Kindergarten!!!

B was the anchor and tugged his team to victory!!!!

For the girls, it's so much more about the friends playing the games with you rather than the game itself!

Cait's turn!!!

Do you remember Tony Dorsett who played for the Cowboys all those years? You know, Football Hall of Fame???? Does that ring a bell? Well his daughter and Cait were in the same class this year Here he is coaching the team to pull together.

I LOVE this picture!!!! They won!!! It was all I could do not to grab hold of that rope and pull with them!

Oh! Ouch! Girls are so girly!!!

Fun day!

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Tricia said...

That is so fun Tamra! Your babies are so very precious - and getting so big! It somehow hits home more when you see pictures of other people's kids - WE are old enough to have kids that old!!!! I also love the boy/girl differences - so so true!