Saturday, April 17, 2010

Skatin' and Cowboys

A few weeks ago we visited my parents down in Tomball. We came down for Eli's birthday...which was a blast!!! On Sunday we got to go to church with my parents at the new Cowboy Church of Magnolia. My dad is an elder there and they are a mission of FBC Magnolia. Great stuff going on there!

This will be a mostly picture post, so enjoy!...I talk too much anyway!

Happy 5th Birthday you devour a Little Debbie treat instead of the beautiful cupcakes that your mommy slaved over all day!!

A most mutual affection, I assure you!

Totally hip GiGi

Dad is the one that greets you as you drive in the church driveway.

Sweet times these are...

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Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Oh how I love your mama and daddy! I love the picture of your daddy with his arm wrapped around your mama! And I really love the one of your mama skating with Cait! I'm just sad that we don't make the time to see each other more!!! I miss them so much! Our cruise we took together is one of my favorite memories!!! Give them a kiss from me the next time you see them!!