Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Another fun, fun weekend at the lake with the fam!

New tradition! Confetti eggs! The kids loved them...and so did the adults! At Easter time you could buy them everywhere! $2.50 for a dozen!

Then of course...there had to be an injury and some drama. Cait was "swimming" in the hot tub when all of the sudden she popped up screaming and saying she knocked her front tooth out. Sure enough...she hit her mouth on the seat and it knocked her tooth right out and loosened the one next to it.

We crack up at this picture. She was still a little hysterical when we were asking her to smile so it came out this pathetic cry/smile. She is a funny girl! Later that night I went to grab B's shoes to take home and I got stung...GOOD! A yellow jacket was inside the shoe and got my knuckle. I hate bugs!

Easter Sunday we went to church with Paul's dad and brother. It was a wonderful sermon and we were all blessed. We followed the service with a delicious lunch and fun times with the fam. That night we tagged along with Nathan, Kristi and Tyler to Nathan's HUGE family egg hunt. I mean HUGE!!! This is the only good pic I got that night because our camera battery died. Boo!!

What a fun, fun weekend!

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Julie said...

What precious pics, Tamra, and an even more precious family! I cracked up at Cait's expression when she's showing the dollar she found. They are getting so big!