Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tooth Fairy Frequenting

The tooth fairy has practically gone broke here at our house!! Last weekend Cait was swimming in the hot tub when she busted her mouth on the side, knocking out her front tooth that wasn't very loose! The other tooth looked like it was barely hanging on. Paul and I were on a mission to get that tooth out of there.

Finally Wednesday night we convinced her that the tooth must come out. She was screaming and crying and begging us not to pull it. She is SUCH a drama queen!!!

None the came out!!!

Here she is, all red in the eyes, showing off her cute-as-can-be toothless grin!

Proud brother trying to congratulate and console her (seriously, she was a mess)

Dad TRIED to pull the tooth, but her teeth are so little! He couldn't get his fingers around it. I gave it a try and finally pulled it out.

When the tooth fairy comes she brings dollars to B, but Cait prefers coins (she thinks they're more valuable than paper money, no matter how much we all try to explain to her. 20 pennies is MORE than two dollars in her mind!!!)

This trip the fairy brought her two dollars and 25 cents, a pack of gum and a cool HSM pen. She also dipped her wing in the cup of water by Cait's bed so we got to see that this time she was green. She left a lot of fairy dust, as usual, all over Cait's bed and pillow and hair. I love after looses a tooth, because she sparkles the whole next day!!

Ahhhh....these are the days, aren't they?

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