Wednesday, April 28, 2010

House Progress - the Guest Room

These posts of our house progress are not because we think looking at paint color is so very exciting, but because so many of yo have asked to see something as a result of the many hours we're spending over in Fort Worth! HA!!!

This is the only before pic I have of our guest room. Nothing fancy, just a room with a pretty ceiling. I love how you can see the house outside the window just being built. Those people have lived int hat hose for two months now! We've been in this metroplex limbo for way too long!!!

Here's the AFTER. It's hard to tell, but it's a pretty grayish blue. Everything else in this room will hopefully be black and white with silver accents. We want our guests to feel like they're super special!!

Notice the house outside the window is totally finished!

This wall is going to be a great place for a desk and cabinet to house craft/scrapbooking stuff. Can't wait!!!

So... as soon as we get a bed in're welcome to come and stay!


Christi said...

I am on my way! By the time I get there ... you will have a bed! HA!

So excited for you guys! Can't wait to see everything when you get moved in and settled!

Miss you, sweet friend!

Amber Smith said...

What color is that blue exactly? I am about to paint our school room a blue color. Just wondering... Looks great!

Tricia Lynch said...

I know you must be SO excited the wait is almost over to actually live in these rooms - I am excited and I don't get to live there - HA! The rooms look gorgeous :-) I can't wait to see how you decorate it. As someone who spent quite a bit of time in your decked out bedroom in highschool - I simply cannot wait to see what you can do with a house like that!

Julie said...

This color looks so beautiful in the pictures, and I am fully confident that the room will be absolutely gorgeous when you've decorated it! I'm sure the room will make any guests feel special, but you always succeeded in making me feel special in each home you had, so I know this will be no different!